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Ettalong Club Championships

1964Aubrey Shoebridge
1965Aubrey Shoebridge
1966Doug Ring
1967Doug Ring
1968Paul Danzig
1969Tony Sabrochi
1970John Moore
1971John Moore
1972John Moore
1973John Moore
1974John Moore
1975John Moore
1976John Moore
1977John Moore
1978John Moore
1979John Moore
1980John MooreG Oehm & J McKenzie=2nd
1981John MooreC Koeff & R Stone=2nd
1983Yavuz Gokmen K Farrell2ndA Palmer3rd
1984George OehmK Farrell & J Williams=2nd note Oehm won by half a point (from 10)
1985see Ettalong Winter
1986Keith FarrellG Oehm & H Urbach=2ndnote Farrell won by half a point (from 12)
1987George OehmPeter Salzner2ndEric Smith3rd
1987-2007not held
2008Keith Farrell=2ndAdrian McInnes & Craig Powyer

Ettalong Junior Championships

1985Cameron Hill1stPeter Newman2nd
1986Cameron Hill1stAdam Seaton2nd

Ettalong Winter Championships

1985G Oehm & E Smith=1stJ Berryman3rdno champ played
1986G Oehm1stH Urbach2ndE Smith; D Howells & K Farrell=3rd
1987G Oehm1stK Farrell2ndJ Berryman3rd
1998G Oehm1stK Farrell2ndJ Moore3rd

Ettalong Under 1200/Winter B/Divisionals

1986Under 1200B Doorey1stA Palmer2nd
1998Winter BK Farrell1stL Porter2nd
1998Under 1200L Porter1st

note the 1998 WinterB/U1200 was one tournament split into divisions - 3rd place (being E Smith!) only half a point behind 2nd !

Club Player Highlights

NSW Country Champion19601stAubrey Shoebridge
Central Coast District19851stJohn Moore
Gosford Champ19871stGeorge Oehm
Central Coast Teams20071stAlan Rogerson, Laszlo Szabo, Peter Dorhauer, Keith Farrell, Damir Matasin, Eric Smith
Central Coast District20081st or =1stKeith Farrell
note that this table only lists results of club players while a club member. This of course can be fairly approximate since a player might be a member for only part of the year in question or may not be a regularly active member.
note also that in 1987 the team was a team of four - the others being substitutes

Central Coast Association

Meant as a pooling of administration talent from the three clubs; Gosford soon left and the championships & allegro comps were run by Ettalong Chess Club (the other Association member being the White Knights of Toukley).

Central Coast Association Championships

1987Michael McLoon
1988Barry Mann

Central Coast Association Allegro Championships


Central Coast Allegro

1984K Farrell & J Williams=1stThelma Clarke3rdnote Jason won the playoff match
1985J Williams1stHank Holtman2ndM Murrell; G Oehm & H Urbach=3rd
1986H Urbach1stJ Williams & M Murrell=2nd Jason 2nd on countback
1987G Oehm1stH Urbach2ndM Murrell3rd

Gosford Open

1997Ben Martin IM & John Curtis=1st

Gosford Swisses

Summer 1998J Curtis1st B Lukursky2nd
Autumn 1998J Curtis1st P Broekhuijse & R Tiffen=2nd

Gosford Allegro

April 1998J Curtis1st P Broekhuijse2nd

Gosford Lightning

March 1998J Curtis1st B Vukelic & M McLoon=2nd
June 1998J Curtis1st P Broekhuijse2nd

White Knight Championship

1984B Mann1st M Murrell2ndJ Williams3rd
1985M Murrell1st B Mann & J Williams=2nd

White Knight non championship Tournaments

Summer 1985M Murrell1st B Mann2nd
Winter 1986M Murrell1st J Williams2ndB Mann3rd

Kincumber Knights Lightning

The Kincumber Knights only 'lasted' 5 weeks - problems with transport were the reason for its creation (difficulties in getting to other clubs) and its demise

January 1986Keith Farrell & Hank Holtman=1stHank won the playoff

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