Ettalong Chess Club Ettalong Chess Club Most these games are from*my* tournament history, as that is what I have easiest access to, certainly until others submit theirs. I am a 'middling' player - around 1300 ACF which is maybe a hundred or so points less than the FIDE or USCF scale. Not limited to just those I've played but also games/positions I've come across (and if I've done the notes then it is to the limits of my understanding, my initial rating was 1494 but took a big drop soon after - poor attitude I assume since I think I have a deeper (and broader) understanding now than I did then, of course I could be more inhibited or whatever, anyway that is the background of the guy who played many of the samples you see here.

Instructive Games
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Local Championship games
Tricks & Traps to look for or look out for

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