Sides of a chessboard ?

There are two sides two a chessboard - the Kingside and the Queenside. As a matter of fact before algebraic notation there was descriptive notation which had moves like QB-N5 (move the Queen's Knight to the Knight 5 square.


Bishops attack the opposite side they are placed (mostly) - if they are placed on the Kingside then watch out for where they attack on the Queenside.
In the diagram the white Bishop is on the Queenside and attacking black's vulnerable side - the Kingside.


Rooks attack in straight lines, it's usually best to line them up together - doubling your Rooks, in the middle game you aim to line them up vertically.


Or Double them horizontally - most usually towards the end of the game when trying to give mate.

Mind you, you can also threaten mate vertically too - this is a fairly common idea.

In the diagram - what move can black make ? idea