what did we talk about last week ? one of the girl players put it well by saying "before we move a pice we make sure it is OK"

we should always do that and to help us we have our imaginations where we try to get a picture in our minds what will happen in the next few moves

student-example_is_the_move_OK (17K)

with the move played black took immediate advantasge (and the Rook on on a1) when asked if there were any move which a) protected the Rook and b) attacked the Queen at the same time they chose ??

B-b2 while I had though of Nc2

Coyle-Farrell_online_2010 (18K)

this is from a game - usually I play badly against Micky if it is after midnight but this time I relaxed and didn't notice (didn't look properly after having built a good lead) he had set a little trap ready to spring if I rushed with taking one of the forked Rooks

who can suggest moves I should have played ? - Nxc5 Rbe7 (doubling Rooks that weren't doing that much apart) and many more but these ones the computer says left me almost a full Queen-worth ahead

Farrell-Zoward_online_2010-move_44 (15K)

Farrell-Zoward_online_2010-move_45 (15K)

Farrell-Zoward_online_2010-move_45_for_black (15K)

moves for white - forced mate in 2 moves f4+ ...h4 (forced) g3 # (checkmate)

so the final position was :
Farrell-Zoward_onlline_2010_final_position (15K)

so to rewind a little further :

Farrell-Zoward_onlline_2010_2_good_candidate_plans (16K)

we have 2 plans, the first is what I actually played - not as sound as the other since black has ways to avoid the mate after the Knight move (Ra5 was a blunder to move

sounder was : 44. Ng8+ Kg5 45. g3 Ra2+ 46.Kg1 Ra1+ 47. Kg2 Ra2+ 48. Kf1 Ra1+
49. Kf2 Ra2+ 50. Ke1 Ra4 51. Ra7 which 'wins' the Rook (can you see that ??)

if the black Rook captures the white Rook then white gives mate with a pawn