The following article appeared in the (Australian-Sydney) Sun-Herald 28 March 2010 [Extra supplement, page 18]

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I had shown kids I coach the final position of the game (chiefly as an example of a fork) the week before - ie the Monday after it was played on the Saturday.

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...K-h7 is poor [ :) ] since 22 e5 is a killer (discovered attack) while lead directly to 22 Bxf6 - huge material, massive positional = total mess - particularly against this GM.




Set up your own Pins and Forks with the following pieces :

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I had also also shown them this, which I came accross in 'Catastrophe in the Openg' by Plaskett, Game 74. I had only been attracted to the diagam and move, which is fortunate since after The Zhao game at Dubbo, I read the full game - particularly "Kasparov told me that knight on f5 in front of castled king may even be worth one pawn ..." , seeing the Zhao game, I can only agree - I'm kinda glad I didn't read it beforehand...

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