The Knight on e4 is pinned to the Queen and if
other things were normal then black would be tempted by e5
by e5 - except for white's reply which moves the Queen with check (and therefore
breaks the pin, so black might instead choose d4
but in fact white has a much stronger threat - based around the surprise check of Nf6+
if in wasn't for the check black would be in A black has 2 passed pawns (the a and the e-pawns)
quite a bit of trouble A black has the better game - aminy because of the initiative
A black's plans would be to exchange Queens and Rooks and push his passed pawn
or at the very least develop the King if white can stop and capture the a-pawn
A white's plans are to try to avoid exchanges and to hopefully grab back the initiative
and here white did not have to cooperate
by blocking with the Queen
4 cont
but white miscounted - as black will
promote the oawn before the
King can get to it
5 6
not just a safe capture with check but sets up The King is checked and so the Queen will be captured
a discovered attach - with check (at the cost of N & B - but remember from number 5 that
- see nexxt diagram white already won a Bishop)