Tournament Chess

Tournament Chess is a little more strict than chess for fun - the rules are more strictly enforced since everyone takes it a bit more seriously.

Do not upset your opponent in any way, even if you don't mean to. Some players get pretty tense during a competition game and it's easy to upset them accidentally so be careful and just quietly say your sorry if you do something that does. You may get upset also - just don't worry too much because mostly it's just a mistake.
      The best way to avoid these problems is knowing and playing by the rules - if something turns up you didn't know then just think that you have learnt something, say 'oh good, I didn't know that' and play on.

Enjoy your chess

Touch Move - once you touch a piece you must move it somewhere, and if you touch the other player's piece you are saying "I'm going to capture this" and you must capture it if you can. I you can't move the piece (or capture it) then don't worry.

capturing en passant or capturing in passing is an option answering a pawns double jump so it can't just jump past us.

You can only capture in passing on replying move so you can't make another move and then later capture in passing - NOT that capture anyway.

You can capture any other pawn that tries to sneak past by jumping 2 squares.

In the diagram : if it were black's move she could push the pawn to square h5 and not worry about being captured en passant since there was no double-jump involved.

Moving the f-pawn to f5 would be different and white would then have to decide to capture or not. The Bishop could not capture in passing since only pawns can.