Passed Pawns
a passed pawn is one that cannot be slowed down by your opponents' pawn
a pawn that is not blocked by a pawn on the same file
nor can it be attacked by a pawn
passed pawns are very valuable since they are your best chances to get a new Queen
since your opponent cannot stop the pawn with a pawn - they have to use a piece,
perhaps even to exchange the piece for it
the c-pawn is a passed pawn, which threatens just to race up and get a Queen
black has no passed pawn, but if the f-pawn were not there
would have a could make a passed pawn by g6
as it is, white's pawns as they are exactly counter black's pawns - black
would have to capture the f-pawn to pose any threat
2 3
white is winning easily, but I have a passed c-pawn
so I decided it would be easier, and quicker,
to just get another Queen
the game continued :
how many passed pawns ?
protected passed pawn (with a pawn)
and mate followed
can you finish the game
3 white moves
black to move first