stalemate with captures - not quite
1.Qe6 is this stalemate ?? no - black can move a pawn (the b-pawn)
5 6
 1 Kc8 stalemate
1.a7 Kc8 stalemate a theoretically
drawn position
- hard to force either
pawn to Queen
1. ..Qb6+ likely forces the stalemate - white might be tempted to hang
on with the extra pawns - hoping to Queen one (or two)
white can play for the win in this position rather than accept the stalemate
though in this position it is likely to be a draw (or win  for black!)
1...Qb6+ 2.Kd7 ?? should have 'accepted' the stalemate 2...Qxa5 3.Bd5 Qc3 4.Ke6 trying to guide the pawn home
4...Qh3 5.Ke5 Qh5 6.Ke6 Kc7 7.f6 Qe8+ guarding the 8th rank 8.Kf5 Kd6 the King is a fighting piece
9.Bf3 Qe6+ 10.Kg6 Qe8+ 11.Kg7 still trying to push that pawn and get a Q v Q game
11...Ke6 12.Bd5+ Kd7 13.f7 Qe5+ 14.Kg6 Qd6+ and this likely is drawn
9 & 10
almost identical to position 7, except that pos. 8 is missing the c-pawn and pos 9 is missing the c-pawn and
the other Bishop pawn is a Knight pawn instead - the Bishop pawn can draw (if it gets to the seventh rank)
while any other pawn loses