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Materially the game is even, but white's d-pawn is
far-advanced and supported by the Rook, whose Bishop can
also potentailly protect the queening square(d8).
An example would be : 26. D6 axb 27. D7 Rd8 and then Bxb6
and black has some very difficult choices
Qxd4 is simply an exchange - and since white is behind
anyway, a simple exchange is not best.
after Bxd4+ and the King must give way (the black Queen can't
recapture since it is pinned
after Bxd4 [Kf6 or Kd6) then white might think about Bxb7
- and if so then this would leave black's King in a quite
exposed while white's King is quite safe
White is threatening to fork Knight and Queen with d5
and while black could simply stop this by capturing the pawn,
chose instead Nf6 which allows the fork - eg if d5 Nxd5
then either Qxd5 or Nxd5 and white ends up with a piece
more than black
Firstly, castling on the Queenside was not wise since there
will be no castle of pawns round the King !
Black's Queen is quite exposed to attack and not very useful
where it is. Preferable would be development of the black
castling Kingside.
White could simply play Nxf7 forking the two Rooks, which in
fact threatens to win the R on h8 outright - and not just
doesn't just "winning the exchange" ie a taking a Rook for
the price of only a Knight
also possible is Ba6+ Kc7 14.Nd5+ Nxd5 15.Qxd5 Qb4
16. Nd3 e6 17 Bf4+ and white is very well developed
and has a crushing attack
Notes to page 1
the clue is that b7 is the only flight square from the
check on d8. So we are looking for a move that blocks b7,
and we don't want to lose our Queen - so a check is possible
that does all this.
It is a forced mate-in-2 moves - Ba6+ [black can choose to
block with the Bishop with Ba7or Kb8 or Kb7] Qxd8 checkmate
white has an overwhelming position - and white's own King
is very safe from any attack.
the game might continue : 26 Qb6 27 Qxe7 (setting up a
forecd mate), ...Qb7 Qe2+ !(! Means 'good move') Kb6
29 Rd6 (see how white's pieces work together) a5 30 Qb5+ !
Kc7 31 Rxc6+ (notice how the white-squared Bishop keeps
the King out of the corner and so the Queen can't protect it)
Kd8 32 Qxb7 and white will mate on the next move.
if instead of 30 Kc7 black plays Ka7 then 31Be3+ Kb8
(since Ka8 gets mated on move quicker [Rd8+Qb8 and
either R or Q takes on b8 to mate) 32 Rd8+ Kc7 33 Qxa5+
(see how the Q protects the R) Qb6 and perhaps we
should ask the class to find the mate - Qxb6 checkmate
and Yes - Eugenia Sharamova is Under 12 years old