1 2
black had a strong plus in this position (and since
this position is a largely reconstructed one of a
ten-minute game - correct so far as white's 'attack'
is concerned) but was nervous about the back-rank mate
and so pushed a pawn - which pawn push not only
stops the mate but also stops any counter-play white may have
5 6
black tried a lst minute trick
list black's choices - and the moves after that what is white's next move
list as many as you can - which would would Nxb6 be a good move for white ???
be best do you think ?
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a8=N # 1.Ndf2+ Qxf2 2. Nxf2#
3 4
black was concerned about white's threatened back rank mate (Rh8#)
black has to move a pawn to avoid mate - but which one ?
The choices are : a6; b6; c6 and a5 but also ...Qh4
1...b6 2.Bc6 (2.Rh8+ Kb7 3.Bc8+ Ka8 4.Ba6#)
1...c6 2.Rh3 Qf2 3.Bg4 Rxd2 4.Rxd2 Be3 5.Rxe3 Qg1+ 6.Rd1 Qxe3+ 7.Rd2 Qg5 8.Bf3 Ne3 9.Nxc6+
1...a5 2.Rh8+ Ka7 3.Bb5 c6 4.Nc8+ Kb8 5.Nxd6+ Kc7 6.d4 Rxd2 7.Ne8+ Kd7 8.Rxd2 Bb4 9.c3 Bxc3
10.Rxg2 Qxg2 11.bxc3
1...Qh4 2.Rxh4 Nxh4
the actual game went
1...a6 2...Qh4 3.Rh1!! Qxh1+ 4.Rxh1 Re1+ 5.Bxe1 2.Rh8+ Ka7 3.Nc8+ Kb8 4.Nxd6+ Ka7
5.Nc8+ Kb8 6.Nd6+ Ka7 -
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