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1 2
there are actually 2 moves which save the 2 pieces
The Rook on e1 is attacked Nc3 fails to d4, making good use of the pin - the
The Bishop on a4 is also being attacked Knight is pinned to the defense of both the Bishop
this shows that a fork is not always easy to see and the Rook - the Knight is an overworked piece
Nc3 protects the Bishop directly, and blocks the attack
attack on the Rook, the move is also a developing move
Qd1 protects both pieces but de-develops the Queen,
which may have been prematurely developed - probably
in answer to Bxf3
3 4
discovered attack Qd2+ and wherever white moves black captures
fork the Rook, or the Bishop if this suited
White's only choices are to move the King
Nxe6+ to g3 ; h or g1 or R to e2
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Linares is one of the strongest tournaments in the world
Peter Leko is one of the best 10 players in the world
This shows that the Knight moves clumsily at times
the game continued 23 Ne1 Be5 (attacking the b-pawn and slowing white down)
24 c3 f5 25 Nf3 Bf6 (just staying on the more active diagonal and not blocking the Rook or where the
Rook might like to go (h8 )) 26 Nd4+ Kc7 27 Nb5+ Kc6 (which takes us to diagram 6)
if Nxa7 then black simply plays Kb6 and the knight is trapped
note that this would be different if white had a pawn on a4
as a matter-of-fact - after this move the players agreed to a draw - the chances for both are pretty even
white has th better mobility and options - but black has enough resources to fend off any pressure
examples of play are :
1.Nd4+ Kc5 2.Kf3 Rh8 3.gxh4 [with the idea of 3.a3 hxg3 4.hxg3 not fg since Rxh2] 3...Rxh4 4.Kg3 Rg4+ 5.Kf3 Be5
6.Nb3+ Kc6 7.Nd4+
1.a4 a6 2.Nd4+ Kc7 3.Ne2 b6 4.b3 Rh8 5.c4 h3+ 6.Kf3 Bg5 notice that white's Queenside pawns are on white
squares - so are safe from black's Bishop 7.Nf4 a5 8.Rd2 a self-pinning move - and black has a pawn to push !
8...e5 but there is a safe check - which 'saves' the Rook - so in this case the pin was harmless 9.Nd5+ Kc6
10.Rd1 Kc5 11.Ke2 black's King cannot go any further - for example to attack the white Pawn on b3 Line