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The prize winners are:
Open  1st Chris Morrison

Open  2nd Johny Bolens  

Open  3rd Paul Broekhuyse

Divisional Prizes


1800  1st    Jeffery Young

1600  1st    Alex Mehan   

1600  1st    Allen Robinson

1400  1st    Barry Shearwood

1400  2nd   Damir Matasin

1200  1st    Phil Willis 

Lloyd Fell Shield Senior	Aurel-John Buciu
Lloyd Fell Shield Junior	Alex Mehan

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Club Secretary Bill explains the procedure of playing against blind Alex Momot

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above photos by Keith
at the Prizegiving :

RIMG0557web (46K)

a very cheery Phil Willis
who scored a very good 3 and
won the under 1200 section
RIMG0558web (46K)
Local character Barry Shearwood, after
a break from chess of most the year
(what is it with these people taking
breaks from chess ?!)
but nevertheless taking out 1st under 1400
(we should perhaps dock their pay if
they have been away too long - but then that's
not much incentive to come back after
a while (except for the honour and the glory),
or perhaps multiply their pay ... but we might
go broke, so I guess we leave things as they are.
RIMG0550Damir (42K)

Damir showing how he beat the
Director of Play on his own way to 2nd
in the 1400 division
RIMG0559web (43K)
Alex - was it only a couple of years ago
I Directed his first adult tournament in
Toukley - scroll to the bottom of that
report to see a then current photo
this time around Alex scored equal 1st in
the under 1600 division (and if we'd
have had prizes for fourth place then equal 4th)
RIMG0560web (47K)
Allen - the fellow who makes sure
our finances add up - and the chap
who last year suggested the
guaranteed prizes (and made that plan work).

This year - equal First under 1600
(and =4th as mentioned 'above')
RIMG0561web (42K)
Jeff - First under 1800, scoring over 50%
in such a tournament was indeed hard work,
Jeff also helped out greatly at the Director's
desk (while the DOP/Arbiter was pretending
to play chess ( I thought I was playing the game -
until looking now at my quality :-)

Je4ff is also Gosford's current Champion.
RIMG0562web (43K)
Johny, after winning here the last
2 year's drew to 2nd place

The Leaguews club says (I am sure)
"come back soon Johny - the Poker machines need you".
RIMG0564web (46K)

Alex gets his name on the Lloyd Fell Junior Shield
RIMG0546Buciu (46K)

Aurel-John Buciu (from Queensland) earns
the Lloyd Fell Senior Shield

Now fellows, lest I be charged with fawning localism
(and why not - it is not such a bad charge), let me
explain. Paul was far too quick for the camera this
year while he was picking up his prize and so here
he is in 2005 when he came second - just behind Johny,
and last year when he also came second
(again behind Johny) and NSW Country Champ.
Paul_B_And_Johny_Gos_Open_2005 (18K) Country_Champ_2006_P_Broekhuyse (18K)
"I could have done it blindfold"



the winner caught napping
RIMG0563web (45K)

neither being the deserved caption for a very deserved win and popular winner   

All the way from Bonnie Scotland - and taking
a break from hectic Singapore if there hadn't
have been rain on the Saturday Chris and son
Duncan, who faced a tough field and scored
a solid 3 points - particularly creditable
given the opposition, we'd have lost them
to the attractions of the local tennis scene.

Chris had taken the last few years off chess -
doing what else I have yet to fathom (my
attitude being 'what else is there but
chess !' still, there are other
things I suppose), anyway
after the break and an admittedly nervous day
one Chris powered on, brushing aside both
the current NSW Country Champon and last
year's winner (Johny - who was also no doubt
hoping to make it three years in a row),
okay, Johny wasn't so much brushed
aside it being a relatively
quick and painless draw.

many thanks to Zach for taking the photos