CCLCCC Gosford Open 2004 - 7 Rounds

Report by Keith Farrell President CCLCCC and nswca Country Representative

Firstly I thank Brian Jones for running a very smooth event - and working his way through 3 laptops till he found (like goldilocks) one that was juuuust right - doing all he required [essentially a printer that sat up and performed to expectations. Thanks also to Brian (again); Keith; Allen and Patrick who attempted to mix and match equipment.
What do you get when a grandmaster comes to play in your tournament, a raised tone and interest to the tournament - with a lot more interest in each others games that I have seen in a while, and if that gm makes just the one slip ...

Of course these days the time limit is such that an analysis room is a thing of the past (one or two 'analysis boards' being set up). Todays weekenders are also fairly hectic with 7 games to chew through - even Grandmasters can go astray. In round 3 Dejan dropped a game thru a time slip - his last slip of the tournament although Norm Greenwood fought most tenaciously - with a drawn position tantalisingly just the one slip away; so that by the second last round there were three co-leaders (and three more just a half point behind them - and another three a half point behind them).

at the end of the sixth round it was :

 1-3  Hornsgaard,   Nutter,    Antic,                           5    
 4-6  Murray,       Coutts,    Keuning(Tony)                    4.5  
 7-9  Holland(Jim), Chan,      Locke                            4    
10-14 Rowlison,     Pickering, Scorvell,   Reynolds,  Mann      3.5  
15-25 O'Riordan,    Greenwood, Hornibrook, Deacon,    Tracey      
      Tweedie,      Robinson,  Losh,       Soltysik(Adelaide)      
      Ren,          Brown, Phil                                 3    
26-27 Frias,        Parker                                      2.5  
28-35 Pandich,      Frenopoulo, Dickson, Keuning(Patrick)       
      Accola,       Skulimowski,Rizzardini, Holland(Rhys)       2    
36-37 Parr,         Hoseman                                     1    
 38   Soltysik(Sebastian)                                       0    

As close as close could be.

Dejan Antic wins the 2004 Gosford Open - Keith Farell (left) President of the club Tony Keuning (left) and Leonard Locke share the Lloyd Fell shield for adults Jonathan Ren Junior Lloyd Fell shield

(the Lloyd Fell shield is awarded for those who have performed best above their rating)
('hover' the mouse over photo to see description)

It's tempting to rename the Senior Shield "the Keuning Shield" since Tony also won it back in 2000 and his brother won it last year - how long will we have to wait till the next generation starts by winning the Junior Shield - not long I suspect.


Place Name                Loc  Score

  1   Antic, Dejan        2488 6    		Winner
 2-3  Hornsgaard, Jens    1953 5.5  		equal 2nd
      Coutts, Tama        2093 5.5  		equal 2nd
 4-6  Nutter, John        2073 5    
      Keuning, Anthony V  1626 5    		under 1800 1st
      Holland, Jim        1973 5    		under 2000 1st
7-10  Murray, Bruce D     1927 4.5  		under 2000 equal 1st
      Reynolds, Paul J    1659 4.5  		under 2000 equal 1st
      Locke, Leonard      1471 4.5  		under 1600 equal 1st; Senior Lloyd Fell shield
      Mann, Barry R       1545 4.5  		under 1600 equal 1st
11-16 Rowlison, Colin N   1704 4    		
      Chan, Jason         1982 4    
      O'Riordan, Bernard  1832 4    
      Losh, Gary          1450 4    		under 1600 equal 3rd
      Deacon, Graeme      1413 4    		under 1600 equal 3rd
      Brown, Phil         1376 4    		under 1400 1st
17-22 Scorvell, Brett          3.5  		Best Unrated
      Frias, Joe          1439 3.5  
      Pickering, Anthony  1564 3.5  
      Hornibrook, John    1426 3.5  
      Ren, Jonathan       704  3.5  		under 1000 1st; Junior Lloyd Fell Shield 
      Parker, Trent       1310 3.5  
23-31 Greenwood, Norman   1553 3    
      Tracey, Michael J   1424 3    
      Tweedie, Dale            3    
      Robinson, Allen     1518 3    
      Pandich, Donald          3    
      Soltysik, Adelaide  1159 3    		under 1200 equal 1st
      Skulimowski, Don    1432 3    
      Dickson, Ian C      1642 3    
      Holland, Rhys       1108 3    		under 1200 equal 1st
32-35 Frenopoulo, Julian       2    
      Accola, Bernie      995  2    
      Keuning, Patrick J  1348 2    
      Rizzardini, Armando 1416 2    
36-38 Parr, Bruce         964  1    
      Hoseman, Bill       992  1    
      Soltysik, Sebastian      1    

Cross Table

No  Name                Loc   1    2    3    4    5    6    7  

1.  Antic, Dejan        2488 20:W 10:W  6:L 14:W  8:W  7:W  3:W
2.  Coutts, Tama        2093 21:W 11:W  5:L  9:W 13:W  6:D  7:W
3.  Nutter, John        2073 22:W 12:W  8:W  6:L  4:W  9:W  1:L
4.  Chan, Jason         1982 23:W 13:W  7:L 17:W  3:L 14:W  5:L
5.  Holland, Jim        1973 24:W 14:W  2:W  7:L 12:L 16:W  4:W
6.  Hornsgaard, Jens    1953 25:W 19:W  1:W  3:W  7:D  2:D 12:D
7.  Murray, Bruce D     1927 26:W 18:W  4:W  5:W  6:D  1:L  2:L
8.  O'Riordan, Bernard  1832 27:W 35:W  3:L 19:W  1:L 17:L 22:W
9.  Rowlison, Colin N   1704 28:W 36:W 10:D  2:L 18:W  3:L 17:D
10. Reynolds, Paul J    1659 29:W  1:L  9:D 35:W 15:L 19:W 13:W
11. Dickson, Ian C      1642 30:W  2:L 22:L 18:L 31:W 28:L 34:W
12. Keuning, Anthony V  1626 31:W  3:L 21:W 38:D  5:W 15:W  6:D
13. Pickering, Anthony  1564 32:W  4:L 24:W 16:W  2:L 36:D 10:L
14. Greenwood, Norman   1553 33:W  5:L 26:W  1:L 38:W  4:L 24:L
15. Mann, Barry R       1545 34:D 16:L 23:W 22:W 10:W 12:L 36:W
16. Robinson, Allen     1518 35:L 15:W 30:W 13:L 26:W  5:L 25:L
17. Locke, Leonard      1471 36:L 34:W 32:W  4:L 22:W  8:W  9:D
18. Losh, Gary          1450 37:W  7:L 35:D 11:W  9:L 25:D 38:W
19. Frias, Joe          1439 38:W  6:L 36:W  8:L 24:D 10:L 23:W
20. Skulimowski, Don    1432  1:L 29:W 38:L 30:L 35:D 27:D 26:W
21. Hornibrook, John    1426  2:L 28:W 12:L 32:W 36:L 30:W 33:D
22. Tracey, Michael J   1424  3:L 31:W 11:W 15:L 17:L 35:W  8:L
23. Rizzardini, Armando 1416  4:L 30:L 15:L 28:L 37:W 31:W 19:L
24. Deacon, Graeme      1413  5:L 33:W 13:L 29:W 19:D 38:D 14:W
25. Brown, Phil         1376  6:L 32:L 34:D 37:W 30:W 18:D 16:W
26. Keuning, Patrick J  1348  7:L 37:W 14:L 34:W 16:L 33:L 20:L
27. Parker, Trent       1310  8:L 38:L 31:W 36:L 32:W 20:D 28:W
28. Soltysik, Adelaide  1159  9:L 21:L 33:L 23:W 34:W 11:W 27:L
29. Holland, Rhys       1108 10:L 20:L 37:W 24:L 33:L 32:W 31:W
30. Accola, Bernie      995  11:L 23:W 16:L 20:W 25:L 21:L 35:L
31. Hoseman, Bill       992  12:L 22:L 27:L 33:W 11:L 23:L 29:L
32. Parr, Bruce         964  13:L 25:W 17:L 21:L 27:L 29:L 37:L
33. Ren, Jonathan       704  14:L 24:L 28:W 31:L 29:W 26:W 21:D
34. Frenopoulo, Julian       15:D 17:L 25:D 26:L 28:L 37:W 11:L
35. Pandich, Donald          16:W  8:L 18:D 10:L 20:D 22:L 30:W
36. Scorvell, Brett          17:W  9:L 19:L 27:W 21:W 13:D 15:L
37. Soltysik, Sebastian      18:L 26:L 29:L 25:L 23:L 34:L 32:W
38. Tweedie, Dale            19:L 27:W 20:W 12:D 14:L 24:D 18:L
by Swiss Perfect (TM)