Date Played : 23rd March 1999 Time Limit :All moves in 60 minutes

All our players were had previously been club champions.

Gosford had white on all odd boards; North Rocks had white on even boards

John Curtis22001-0Bruce Murray1824
Rod Tiffen16551-0Vasil Tulevski1738
Boris Lukursky15851-0Stephen Krejci1699
George Oehm15560-1Andrew Johnson1451
Mal Murrell15101-0Tony Baldwin1307

Final score - Gosford Wins 4 : 1

The following is a repeat of the above; just separating White & Black - black won 4/5.

Bruce Murray(1824)VsJohn Curtis(2200)0:1
Rod Tiffen(1655)VsVasil Tulevski(1738)1:0
Stephen Krejci(1699)VsBoris Lukursky(1585)0:1
George Oehm(1556)VsAndrew Johnson(1451)0:1
Tony Baldwin(1307)VsMal Murrell(1510)0:1