Hardly a day need go by without chess on the Central Coast ...

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T - Toukley (White Knight) Chess Club (Closed since 2007)
W - Wallarah Chess Club - very few details as of Dec 2009
G - Gosford Chess Club
E - Ettalong Chess Club
S - Gosford Senior Citizens
M - Mingara Chess Club

Ettalong Chess Club
President Lorraine Cobban (as of Dec 2009)
DOP Keith Farrell. Meets 2 times a week, still reestablishing so tournament calendar not settled - round robin if possible; though for flexibility for the players - organised into divisions if needed. Club numbers small - normal turnout around 10. Meet in Ettalong Memorial Club; Memorial Avenue Ettalong.
KF 1998

Central Coast Chess Club
President Keith Farrell (as of Dec 2009)
DOP Mal Murrell, tournaments : 6 or 7 round swisses interspersed with Allegro(2 night) & Lightning(One night) tounaments. Normal rollup at least 20, usually 30 - total active club membership around 50. Hosts the successful Gosford Weekender (1998 - 98 players!). Play is at the Central Coast Leagues Club; Dane Drive Gosford.
MM 1998; KF 1998

Runs the Fishers Ghost Open weekender in Oct/Nov - friendly atmosphere run by a dedicated band.
KF 1990 ??

Runs the Newcastle Open Australia Day weekend - there are three clubs in the area.
KF 1991 ??

White Knight
no longer running - not since 2007
Numbers of active players are quite small (typical turnout at a meeting is 10 or so). Nevertheless it organises the Chess Cherisher's Tournament every year (an open comp, but usually restricted to under 1700; 1800 or other mid-level rating - Tournament timing : a long weekend in April. They meet at the Toukley RSL.
KF 1998

Gosford Senior Citizens
Started by Thelma Clarke & Jim Brady late 1980's, meet every Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm; 50 cents playing fee. Numbers about 6 -10 typically - Albany Street Gosford.
KF 2009

Mingara Chess Club
Held at the Mingara Leisure Centre (1 Mingara Road Tumbi Umbi) Establishing meeting on Monday Nov 16 1998 at 7:30. At present Mondays are only penciled in by me, as of this writing the first meeting has yet to be held.
KF 2009
President John Pascoe

Kincumber Knights Chess Club
Started by Keith Farrell & Hank Holtman in 1986 to cater for players who found it difficult travelling to Gosford, this club lasted less than a year - mainly because of aforesaid travel restrictions but also because of venue problems.
LongJetty Memorial Chess Club
to be updated - unknown !!!!!!!! Started by Kevin Jones after he left the Gosford Club in 199??. Now the Mingarah Chess Club.
Mingarah Chess Club
to be updated - unknown !!!!!!!! formerly the LongJetty Memorial Chess Club. Started by Kevin Jones after he left the Gosford Club in 199?????????.
Central Coast Association
Intended to be a grouping of all the clubs on the Coast, eventually Gosford pulled out - leaving Ettalong & White Knights. The Association organized two Association Cups - 1987 & 1988, both held by Ettalong, before it 'folded' - there was no official winding up.
Toukley Senior Citizens
to be completed.
   KF  Keith Farrell
   MM  Mal Murrell

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