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blog of a chessnut
closet grandmaster
daily dirt
all things human
the chess mind
dread pirate josh
knight's defense
blue devil knight chess confessions
GM chess

snopes - urban legends

Turn based / Correspondence
chessworld   free - no download , good for correspondence chess
letsplaychess  alias for chessworld
Its your turncorrespondence, free and paid membership too
Correspondencecorrespondence, free and paid membership too

Games in general - chess included
pogo all sorts of games, chess as well - free
yahoo games Australia  chess, pool checkers etc - free
msn chess and other games
msn chess sign in
Net chesscorrespondence
postcard chesscorrespondence/online

Jose Chess  database (MySQL) and interface - Winboard and UCI protocols
TkChess  java chess interface, play against a certain computer without having to sign up to anything
Chessopolis links
En Passant links - click on flag for english
Pitt archives 
Pitt web  Chessoplis' web interface to Pitt

ics  pay
FICS  free, many interfaces or java
gameknot turn-based
US chess live - World Chess live previousle Games Parlor
World Chess live own interface $US49.95 yearly
ChessAnyTime Java applett, guest ok VIP for ratings & tournaments
Chess.net $US 30 - own interface

News & Views

NetChess news Good news roundup, Australian-based site - good junior info
the ACF bulletin Good weekly Australia news

The Week In Chess Twic is a weekly roundup of what has been happening in the Chess World - don't miss it. Usually has more than 1,000 games,

State & Federal Organisations

ACF with current games Australian Chess Federation; NSWCA site better information-wise but the national Association is the National association after all. One of the nifty features is quite a few clubs have their competition calendars here.
NSWCA A very complete site - has articles on ethics; tournament play; Ratings; Tournament histories and you should make sure you bookmark this one, also has lots of Australian links - probably/certainly more up-to-date than this one.
NSW Junior Chess League A branch off the NSWCA site - good list of who to contact
Corresponence Chess League of Autralia Has Correspondence Ratings and other bits & pieces
SACA Chess in South Australia, good list of South Australian clubs & addresses, much still under construction last I looked (Aug 1998) but looks real promising, the maintainer, Joe, has beaten me OTB easily so he must be good :-)

Organisations & Clubs


New South Wales

Mingara Chess Club One of the better content-wise Aust sites, the maintainer posts not only round by round results of their tournaments but the next rounds' pairing, so that players who are keen and on the net can find out their upcoming opponent !
White Knights of Toukley/Kanwal
Wollongong Very nice site - updated regularly, local news as well as chess current affairs

Newcastle Newcastle, Maitland and surrounding areas

Hakoah Bondi, Sydney
Koala Mainly for the youngsters,linked to the Jones' and ACE; has a newsletter
The Manly Warringah Chess Club
The North Sydney Leagues Chess Club
The Rooty Hill Chess Club
The Newcastle, Cardiff and Oasis Chess Clubs


Victorian Chess pages
Sale Chess Club

South Australia


Gold Coast


Western Australia

Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory & Other Territories


New Zealand Chess Federation
Chess South Africa


Chess Federation of Canada
United States Chess Federation


France Chess Federation
Finnish Chess Federation
Rotterdam Chess Association
FIDE - The Federation Internationale des Echecs


Australasia (Asia-Pacific)

Chess Discount Sales Peter Parr's Chess Centre
ChessWorld Australia
ACE enterprises Brian Jones' Chess shop

Elsewhere (World)

Batsford Books
Chess Informant
New in Chess
Inside Chess Online

Game Archives

Randy Bauer homepage Randy is a US National Chessmaster, there's lots at this site - including high quality annotations to some very instructive games
Pittsburgh archives Not only has lots of utilities but has an enormous collection of games - in PGN format and others, of openings, tournaments, famous player's games etc



"God's Database Program" AKA CDB - very nice freeware PGN (& lots of other filetypes) gameviewer & tree viewer.
Chessbase heaps of Chess programs at this site but particularly cblight which is a free version of the fine Chess Database program
Chess Assistant Good Database
Tasc Database and playing program
GambitSoft has a heap of freeware; shareware and demo programs


Tutorial and Training - Programs & Text

Chess Openings software by Bookup Corp - commercial but a working demo is available
Polgar Chess Center
Yermo Chess Academy get your games annotated by professionals (as yet untested by yours truly)
Internet Chess Academy

Tournament Organisers



Chessopolis - extremely extensive
Internet Chess on Nexus (ICoN) - play chess online, Australian based
Yermo Chess Academy get your games annotated by professionals (as yet untested by yours truly)
The Internet Chess Club (ICC) - play chess online for a pretty small yearly cost
The Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) - similar to ICC but free, ratings are on a slightly lower scale than ICC & elo
Polgar Chess Center

Gosford Introduction

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